where to buy boric acid

Where to Buy Boric Acid

As a natural and a powerful insecticide, boric acid is commercially available in various places. The powder works in a way whereby it is taken up by the cockroaches as they run through the areas that are treated. It immediately attacks the roaches’ nervous system and instantly makes the roach to dry out its body. Due to dehydration, the roach dies soon afterwards.

When you have an infestation that is caused by these annoying little creatures, it is only normal for you to employ the services of boric acid. “Where can I buy boric acid?” this is a question that lingers through most of the people’s heads. The following is a list of areas where you can get boric acid easily.

boric acid for roaches


With the technological advancements, online shopping has turned out to be a great way of purchasing boric acid. You can easily shop it from the comfort of your house or anywhere you are. You just need a computer or a smartphone and you can make a purchase easily.

The most ideal site that I can recommend is Amazon. The site is responsible for the shipment of huge amounts of boric acid products. This is one of the easiest sources that you can get boric acid from.

There are so many pest control companies that are easily found online. However, I would easily recommend Amazon due to the fact that it is less expensive and its shipping is faster compared to so many of these companies. Amazon is renowned for its expertise in this sector and therefore if you are in need, you will find the services easily.

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Pharmacies and Drug Stores

If you are in the neighborhood and you do not know where to buy boric acid, it is wise to visit your local pharmacy or drug store. There is a high possibility that you will find boric acid for your cockroach infestation. Just ask the store keeper and you will be directed to where it is. There is a different brand and you will have to do your research to know which one suits you.

This has to be the easiest place to find boric acid in case you are not so lucky in the retail store where it can be difficult to come across it most of the times. Some supermarkets do not have it due to the fact that it is very dangerous and the storage may be a problem. Therefore, they opt not to have it on their shelves.

In addition, you can look up the product in the local stores online portal. This is easier done than going to look for it all by yourself. In addition, always look out for the one that is labeled as a roach killer. There may be different products for different purposes. The easiest way to find it is to go look it up in the pest control section. Simply ask the pharmacist if it is not easily found. Many stores have it located behind the counter due to the chemicals that it contains.

Grocery Store

Yes! Boric acid can be found in a grocery store. However, it is not always easily located where you think it should be. Depending on the type of store that you are visiting, the product can be found in the pharmacy or the cleaning area.

Moreover, the laundry isle is the most ideal place to come across boric acid powder. The catch is, it comes under the name borax. This is usually used as a laundry detergent. Borax is not the same as boric acid. Borax is usually hauled out from the mineral kernite while boric acid is extracted from the mineral sassolite. It however kills roaches just as perfectly. In addition, it is also cheaper and easily found compared to the boric acid powder.

Local Store

Boric acid isn’t something that your local shopping store might be missing. In your local store, you will find different brands that are available in multiple sizes.

When you visit your store, boric acid is easily found in the home and garden section. The household section is also a great area to start your search. Well, that is if there is one. In case it is not there, you will just have to ask an attendant the location where you can find it. it will be placed with other pest control products that are found in the store.
When you are stuck with no place to find boric acid, your local shopping store is a great area to begin your search from. This is typically your answer.

Pool Supply Stores

Many people do not know it but a visit to your local pool supply store could just be the end of your gruesome search. Pool owners use boric acid most of the times to improve the water clarity, create a sparkle as well as softening the water.

It’s not mandatory to have a spa or pool in order to visit a pool store. You can simply visit it and ask for some boric acid powder. It is also important to note that most pool stores normally have 25lbs-50lbs in size. This is normally more than you will need to eliminate your roaches. You can ask for assistance from the store manager if you need it to solve your roach issues. You can get the 50lbs one and it will work out perfectly. Moreover, there are so many other uses of the leftover boric acid.

The easiest way to get boric acid

At times boric acid may not be easily available in most of the stores. This is partially due to the fact that it’s a chemical and an acid. In addition, it’s poisonous and generally, it’s kept away from the general public.

The mentioned areas of where to buy boric acid are simply important because they will help you to find some of the sources of boric acid. Visit our website today in order to get further assistance. You not only need the best quality product but also the best and how it is easily found.

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