Best way to get rid of roaches in Electronics

We all know that roaches will always look for the most moist, dark and warm areas to settle and breed. But did you know that your electronics, especially your game console, might be offering these creatures just the right atmosphere to enhance their survival?
The worst part is that this also gives them a chance to move to other homes, if you take your device elsewhere, which is popular especially with game consoles. They can even infest electronics in the stores and this is how they get to your house right after you purchase the products.

Cockroach may be in your PS4
This is precisely why dealing with roaches in your electronics is perhaps the hardest type of infestation to deal with. However, we have a few recommendations that you can try out; to get rid of these pests completely.

Using cold temperatures

This is one of the most popular and effective techniques if you want to eliminate roaches off your appliances. Keeping in mind that they thrive in warm conditions, it’s evident that subjecting them to very cold temperatures, close to zero degrees Fahrenheit, will definitely kill these pests.
You should ensure that the specific design is manufactured to withstand low temperatures without getting damaged. For instance, any electronic with an LCD screen cannot be subjected to such conditions.
If you are certain of the infested device, just put it in a sealable plastic bag and place it in your freezer. This should take about 5 days if you want to ensure all the roaches plus its eggs are killed.In case you live in an area with very cold temperatures, or during winter, you can just place the bagged appliance in your garage or shed, which should be unheated.
We advise allowing the appliance a few more days to dry out completely, in addition to the 5 days, before plugging it back.

The roach killer remedy

Some appliances can either be too large to place in a freezer, or they are not designed to withstand low temperatures. If this is the case, consider resulting to roach killers, which are just as effective when properly used.
We recommend using baits, boric acid or Diatomaceous Earth for your elimination treatment. These killers are very effective and have low toxic levels which allow them to be used in households with young kids and pets.
However, just as with other roach elimination methods, you should observe all safety measures during application. Moreover, with the powders, you only need a very thin layer placed in high traffic areas because you just need the roaches to step on the chemical, and not necessarily to ingest it. With these killers, you can sit back and watch the domino effect come into play, killing entire roach colonies at once.
There are other roach killers that you should avoid using on your appliances, mainly roach sprays since it’s not safe to spray them directly to the outlet.

What next?

After trying to eliminate roaches from your appliances, do you just relax and hope they never come back? It’s vital that you clean up all the affected appliances. This ensures that you remove any remaining dead roaches and eggs. You should never use any liquid based detergents on your electronics; soft brushes and cloths will suffice.
We caution against opening up the appliances because this may be going against the warranty. If you are not sure of how to go about the cleaning, please contact professional help.