How to Get Rid Of Roaches in Your Car

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Baby cockroaches in the kitchen – how to get rid completely

  Did you know that finding one baby cockroach in your kitchen is worse than finding ten adult ones scurrying around? This is because the presence of a single baby roach only signifies one thing; there are probably hundreds of roaches hidden somewhere in their … Read More

Where to Buy Boric Acid

As a natural and a powerful insecticide, boric acid is commercially available in various places. The powder works in a way whereby it is taken up by the cockroaches as they run through the areas that are treated. It immediately attacks the roaches’ nervous system … Read More

Best way to get rid of roaches in Electronics

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Common mistakes you might be making when using boric acid

Boric acid is the best roach killer remedy that has been tried and tested over the years and deemed very effective by many users. Despite the fact that it’s a pesticide, it’s mostly classified under natural remedies as opposed to a commercial roach killer. See … Read More


Roach baits are among the most popularly used roach killers today. Why? They have low toxic levels, can manage to get rid of entire colonies and most of all, they have no volatility or odor, which makes them essentially one of the safest roach remedies … Read More

10 Little known roach facts – Roach Knowledge

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Even though there are about 4000 roach species in the world, and only 30 species live in our habitats, there are only about 5 types that are quite common and can pose a health risk to your family. It’s no doubt that roaches are creatures no … Read More

Roaches and asthma

Did you know that having a roach infestation can alleviate the symptoms of anyone with asthma in your home, and cause many other allergic reactions? When you spot one scurrying around, it only means that there are hundred other roaches hiding in their nests in … Read More