5 Reasons to Use an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller For Outdoor Nuisance



5 Reasons to Use an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller For Outdoor Nuisance


Are you unable to save your yard from the outdoor insurrection?

First of all, pests are disgusting and sometimes become the worst nightmare. There is a very effective way to get relief from this situation. By an outdoor ultrasonic pest repeller, you can get rid of them without killing.

What is the specification and application of each major component?

There are 2 major components of the ultrasonic pest repeller with the unique mechanism. Those are-

Ultrasonic Wave Emitter

The ultrasonic wave is being spread by the emitter towards the pests. A piezoelectric effect occurs during the emission. The piezoelectricity is the main cause of the ultrasonic sound being created.

Note: Piezoelectricity occurs for a unique behavior of some particular crystal. However, the crystal needs to be hit with force.

Motion Sensor

The Infra-Red ray is used to detect the nearby objects. The ray has no visibility and is capable of creating an echo effect. The reflected ray turns the indicator on and triggers the emitter.

Note: Sensor spread the Infra-Red horizontally and vertically with a range of 120 and 55 degrees. 

Why Should You Buy This Device?

There are several reasons to buy this device. We are going to discuss the 5 most effective reasons to buy an ultrasonic repellent. We are also going to provide full logical details to help you understand the importance of the device. The 5 reasons are listed below.

Saves You a Lot of Energy

The device is powered by solar energy. For the creation of a piezoelectric effect, the device needs to be attached to an external power source. The energy absorbed by the solar panel is used as an external direct-current source. This saves a lot of electric bills.

How much backup will you get at night?

The absorbed energy is stored in a DC motor. The whole day of charge can provide you up to 8 hours of backup while no sunlight is available. You don’t need to externally charge the battery in any circumstances.

Non-Killing Feature

You don’t want to kill those animals in your yard, as it will cause pollution. Instead of killing, we have discovered a more human way. The ultrasonic wave is emitted towards the animals in order to irritate their brain nerve and make them uncomfortable.

Is the sound wave safe for the human being?

Yes, it is completely safe from human beings. The human has a limited range of sound hearing capacity. The upper bound of the hearability of a person is 20000 Hz. The sound created by the device is around 30000 Hz, which is unlikely to be heard by any human.


An ultrasonic pest repeller is pretty much portable for having a lightweight. It can be carried anywhere without giving any extra effort. The device is also included with a stake to hook up easily on the ground. The directions can be customized by turning the device to clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Can the device be hooked into the fence or even hanged?

Yes, the device can be both hanged and also hooked into a fence. All you need to do is to adjust the stake with the help of a rope included with the product. For easy hanging, the backside consists of a small notch for rope attachment.

Easy Maintenance

No need to worry about maintenance, as the ultrasonic pest repeller consists of no complex parts. However, cleaning is necessary for the device, and it should be done once a week.

Which component do you need to change often?

It completely depends on the usage. If you try to hook into hard soil, you may need to change the stake often. Also, if you keep the device wet for a long time, the solar panel may lose its ability and may need to replace it regularly.


Cost is a very important factor here as the product uses a simple mechanism to eliminate the presence of animals, no need to spend extra dollars. The manufacturing cost is not so high for this type of device.


You can use poison or trap to eliminate the living nuisance around you. But this action will make your environment contaminated. For this, you and your family may suffer from many diseases.

To get rid of the pests, by keeping your yard clean, the outdoor ultrasonic pest repeller has no alternative. By this, you are saving a lot of electricity. You can carry the device with you and set it up anywhere you want. Lastly, you are not causing any damage to any animals; you’re just freeing away your yard using technology.

We hope our mentioned 5 reasons will orient you in the right direction.



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