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Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

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Having roaches in your home sometimes is like that one unavoidable reality that all homeowners struggle with. It doesn’t speak to your lack of home keeping skills because cockroaches will set camp anywhere as long as it’s damp or moist. So if you live in humid areas, this is one of those situations you have to deal with time and time again.

Roaches are not like other pests because not only will they cause distress, allergies, and disease to your family, but also killing them is quite a hard task. If you have had a roach infestation before, then you know how frustrating it gets trying to eliminate them. You think they are gone and a few days later you see one scuttling along your house and your heart sinks.

And that’s where Advion cockroach gel bait comes in. This is a gel bait that has proven successful in eliminating roaches whether at your home, car or apartment. You can use both in your indoors and outdoors for all your residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Today we will take a closer look at this roach killer and tell you all you need to know about how it works, how to best apply it and user reviews regarding the product.

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How it works

Just like any other gel bait, the Advion works by eliminating the whole roach colony at once using the domino effect. Here is the deal. Roaches will be attracted by sugary stuff and foods and they just can’t resist coming into contact with these items.

The gel bait attracts them in a similar fashion. Once the roach ingests the bait, it will go back to its colony and even take some back to other roaches. The gel has an active ingredient knows as Indoxicarb that once ingested takes a little bit more time to kill.

So the roaches will all share the bait and in a few hours, they will get extremely dehydrated and succumb to death. The best part about this gel bait is that once a roach has come into contact, it will infect any other roaches it comes in contact with, killing up to 40 roaches at the same time.

Any roach that either feeds on the poisoned dead one’s body or comes into contact with its faeces also die. The result? An astounding death rate that will definitely get rid of all roaches from your home.

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Advion roach gel bait is pretty simple to apply. Your purchase comes with a syringe that you can use to get the bait even in very tight cracks and crevices around your home.

However, there are a few tricks that will increase the gel’s success rate. To begin with, do not apply the bait on dirty or greasy areas. Ensure that you have thoroughly sanitized the whole house beforehand and cleared out any food stains, crumbs and covered up all other remaining foods.

Once you have the gel in the syringe, use a polka dot technique to apply on the various surfaces; behind appliances, under sinks, along floorboards, and in cracks and crevices. Do not just squirt the gel everywhere; apply in tiny dots; about 3-5 Advion drops per 10 linear ft. If you have a heavy infestation and 1-3 drops for lighter infestation.

The bait has no odor and therefore applying too much does not necessarily mean that it will attract more cockroaches.

All you have to do now is sit back and wait for Advion to work. You should be seeing results in about one or two days.

As a general rule of thumb, you should never use your baits and still spray the same areas afterward. Roach sprays will reduce the effectiveness of the gel baits hence we recommend using the baits as a solo treatment technique.

Moreover, you should only use Advion gel bait to treat active roach infestations and not as a measure to prevent roaches from encroaching your home as you will only be wasting the product.

If you notice that your bait is gone after a couple of hours, it only means that the roaches are digesting it as they should. Therefore, keep re-applying for a more effective result. Continue applying the bait until you are sure that you have completely eliminated the roaches. We also advise on cleaning up the surfaces with an old bait before reapplication. This should be mostly around every fortnight.

You should not apply Advion on any areas with a temperature that exceeds 130 degrees because high temperatures melt the bait and it ultimately loses its effectiveness. Additionally, do not place the baits in areas exposed to air currents because this will dry the gel.

You can use Advion after bombing your house or having used other treatment techniques. However, do not use the baits alongside other methods and ensure you have gotten rid of other killers from the surfaces of your home before setting up these baits.

Sometimes roaches will build up a resistance towards a product and this might even happen with the gel bait. When you notice nothing much happening after your application, maybe it’s time you considered rotating the baits; maybe applying on different areas or just using a different gel bait to see if it works.

Finally, you should always ensure that you keep your Advion far away from children and pets. Even in your application, do it in areas where it can’t be easily accessible. In case your kids or pets ingest the bait, you can rush them to the hospital if you are not sure about how to deal with it yourself.

Always wash your utensils with soap and water before use if you are skeptical about the roaches walking all over them after coming in contact with the bait.

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Some of the notable features of Advion gel bait include:

  • Contains 0.6% Indoxicarb, which is the active ingredient
  • Both for indoor and outdoor use
  • A Non-repellent roach killer
  • Odorless
  • Targets even the most gel bait-averse roach species
  • Can be used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings
  • Low toxicity levels; safe to use around your family unlike most roach killers
  • A high consumption bait
  • A high performing gel bait
  • High success rate; wipe out entire colonies
  • No expiration rate; can be used up to one year after purchase
  • Affordable; gives you a good value for your money

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Target roach and pests

There are very many species of cockroaches out there and as such, different killers target specific species. It’s vital that you know which roach species has invaded your home before buying a pesticide to avoid buying one that won’t kill them

Advion, therefore, can only be used for these roach species: German, Brown, Asian, Smoky-brown, Australian, American, and Brown-Banded.

When purchasing this gel bait, you should also keep in mind that it’s only designed to kill roaches and not any other pests and insects in the house.

Most users have inquired on whether it can eliminate spiders, mice, rats, fruit flies and house flies and unfortunately, this is not the case.

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Experience when used

Most users are satisfied with their purchase and happy with the results. They are quick to point out that they could see the results as soon as 24 hours after setting up the baits, which includes dozens of dead roaches lying around.

However, with every review, there are users who bring out the negative experiences they faced. Some have complained that the gel bait will work for the first time after application and fail other subsequent times.

Moreover, there are users who have brought up the fact that sometimes the gel dries up and becomes rock solid a few hours after application, which automatically deems it ineffective. Cleaning up the dried bait is also very hard and users end up getting really frustrated.

The manufacturers have taken this up and advised on rotating the baits since the roaches might have built up a resistance. Alternatively, ensuring you follow all the instructions pertaining to the application because some people will not even clean out dry bait before reapplication, which definitely deems the new baits infective.

All in all, users have had a good experience while using the Advion gel bait and most are willing to continue purchasing the product.

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Concluding thoughts

There you have it. We have to come to the end of our review today. If you have a roach infestation in your home and nothing seems to work, why not try the Advion roach gel bait?

It has very low toxicity levels therefore you can be assured that your family will be safe. Moreover, it’s easy to apply, has a high success rate and unlike most roach killers that kill one roach at a time, you will love that Advion gets rid of the whole colony.

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Loved this review? Feel free to comment and tell us what you loved most and if there is any information you feel that we left out. Please share with your friends and family because you never know just how much this information may help them deal with their roach problems.




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