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Are you handling roach elimination from your home in the right way?


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There is so much information, advice, and tips out there on the various ways you can deal with a roach infestation in your home. Ranging from commercial products to home DIY roach killers and seeking professional exterminators, these are some of the techniques that have been tried and tested by most people, with some being more effective than others.

You might know just what to do for your roach problem, but is the way you are going about the elimination process going to give you good results? Or are there some mistakes you are making along the way which prolongs the process leaving you a very frustrated homeowner?
This is a general guide about all roach elimination methods; focusing on the common mistakes, you might be making in your bid for pest control and elimination.


This focuses on a wider scope; from researching before moving into a new home to finding out the type of roach species, you have to your home and products best suited for it.
When buying a new home, apartment or car, before settling in, it’s vital that you check for any roach eggs or an actual presence of the pests so that you can first work on getting rid of these creatures before fully moving in.Moreover, we advise on trying to establish the roach species you have in the house before deciding on the roach treatment you will use. This is because some species have developed tolerance on some roach killers. You should also research the available remedies, the costs, toxic levels and ease of use before you purchase or make any home-based solution.


Most of us will only apply the roach killers on areas these creatures frequently visit. This is not wrong. However, we should also target roach nests so that as we deal with the individual roaches that roam our houses, we can also work on eliminating the entire colony.
There are killers in the market that work on a domino effect that enhances targeting the source; they include baits and boric acid.
If we can, let’s steer clear of sprays because we will only be killing one roach at a time which can be a cumbersome and frustrating method in the long run.
Waiting too long to seek professional helpIf you have tried almost all remedies available, it’s time you sought professional exterminators to come and deal with the roach problem for you. Waiting too long only results in a very heavy infestation in your home which not only makes it unsafe for your family but also has the potential of becoming downright disgusting.


No matter the toxic levels or lack thereof in any technique you are using, you should always ensure you observe general safety measures required when handling any pesticides.These may include using gloves during the application, placing killers on inaccessible areas to your kids and pets and washing all your utensils and foods before eating to prevent the risk of contamination.

The above mentioned are some of the mistakes you might be making in your roach elimination process. If you have not seen any results, try following on the tips we have given and watch as you start getting some positive results. Remember, not all roach killers will work for you, it’s up to you to try out a few only settling on one that works well.


So much is said about how to eliminate roaches from your home. What you don’t often see, is things that you could be doing to attract roaches right into your home, and how to keep this from happening. The worst part is that you might be struggling with a roach infestation problem and have no idea why they keep coming back to your home.

In today’s post, we are going to take you through a few ways in which you could be inviting roaches. moreover, we will also talk about how you could do things differently to ensure you keep a roach infestation at bay.


Contrary to what most people think, it’s not only dirt that will get those roaches right into your home. These creatures are mostly attracted to moisture and will settle right where they can get plenty of water for survival.

Having leaking sinks, taps and faucets are among the major attractants. Open water sources such as bottles and glasses as well. Therefore, you might want to seek professional help to fix the leaking sinks and always ensure you do not leave any open sources of water, especially in the kitchen. Having a proper drainage system in your home helps too.

Roaches can go for days without food but it’s the lack of water that leads to their death.


It’s not just the trash that will attract roaches to your home. Uncovered foods, crumbs, and grease in your kitchen will not only keep them coming but will also prolong their survival.

We recommend emptying the trash daily and storing all foods in airtight containers. This also prevents the risk of contamination, where roaches will crawl all over your food and since you had no prior knowledge, you will consume the food and get sick.

You should mostly be concerned about attracting the roaches because once they are in your home, they have their survival mechanisms. Not leaving out any food for them will barely affect their survival as they can feast on each other just to stay alive.


You may keep your home clean, free of leaking water and uncovered foods and think that finally, you have managed to keep roaches away. This is not the case. As long as you have clutter in the house, roach infestation will forever be your problem.

This is because roaches might come in the house looking for a place to settle and the clutter provides the perfect dwelling.

You are better of disposing of any items you don’t need so that you have a clutter-free house that does not give roaches a place to hide and multiply.

Additionally, roaches will mostly hide behind appliances and under sinks, so you might want to keep these areas very clean and free of moisture and food. All in all, you should exercise general cleanliness in your home, alongside ensuring you manage the three roach attractants we have discussed.





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