5 Best Fogger For Roaches – Reviews and Buying Guideline 2020

Foggers are pesticides that are used in large scale roach control. Foggers can kill roaches in places where other insecticides can’t even go. Several manufacturing brands produce foggers. For this reason, buyers often feel confused about choosing the right one. So, to save your time, we have done tight research and, therefore, enlisted five best roach fogger for you.

Killing roaches manually is a bit annoying. That’s why pesticides are always praised in pest control. Pesticides like Foggers are mainly chemical-based insecticides. They are more effective than baits or poisons. For killing pests, foggers have some unique and useful features. They create a haze into the air and kill roaches that are in touch with the pesticides. Most of the foggers damage the nervous system of the pests and kill them rapidly.

Product Name
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1.Hot Shot Indoor Fogger With Odor Neutralizer, 3/2-Ounce, 6-Pack
● Rapid action
● Stain-free
● Counterbalance odors
● Remarkable killing rate
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2.Spectracide 100046128 Bug Stop Indoor Fogger, Insect Killer, 6/2-oz, Brown/A ● Non-staining
● Rapid effect
● Deep penetration ability
● Indoor applicable
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3.HARRIS 12 Week Indoor Insect Fogger● Long-lasting effect
● Indoor useable
● Kills other pests too
● Reaches deep cracks
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4.Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger (Pack - 3) ● Deep penetrating fogger
● Remarkable killing rate
● Non-staining
● Long time effect
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5.Black Flag Outdoor Fogging Insecticide ● No offensive odor
● Repels almost all pests
● No mixing required
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Our Top 5 Best Fogger for Roaches Reviews

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Hot Shot Indoor Fogger With Odor Neutralizer, 3/2-Ounce, 6-Pack

Hot Shot Indoor Fogger is manufactured by the renowned American company United industries. United industries mainly specialize in producing a wide range of pests and insecticides. They are also a trustworthy name in the pesticide industry. Their roach killing product Hot Shot fogger made it to our list because of its rapid action, incredible killing rate, and other unique features. Odor neutralizing feature made this fogger indoor friendly. It can penetrate into the hiding place of roaches and kill them directly. So if you are irritated with the roaches that roam around your place, you must try this Hot Shot fogger.

Cockroaches mainly hide in cracks or in deep holes, where you can not apply insecticides manually. Hot Shot fogger can help with this problem. It can enter into cracks or holes easily. It creates a haze of pesticides that interferes with the pest’s nerve system when they are close. As a result insects that come close to the haze, die immediately.  Along with roaches, this product also kills other bugs like carpet beetles, crickets, firebrats, mosquitos, etc. Besides, its non-staining property secures the safety of your drapes, fabrics or carpeting. That means you don’t have to worry about your floor or other belongings at all. So if you are looking for a perfect solution to the roach problem, grab a hot shot fogger.

Key Features

  1. Odor neutralization capability
  2. Non-staining property
  3. Kills on contact
  4. Home friendly


  • Proportions: L= 13.56 inches, W= 7.25 inches, H= 6.06 inches
  • Weight: 5.24 pounds
  • Ground coverage: 2000 cft


  • Effective for heavy infestations
  • Keep away insects for up to 2 months
  • It can enter into cracks and holes to kill hidden cockroaches
  • Also effective for other pests


  • Can be harmful to humans and pets

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Spectracide 100046128 Bug Stop Indoor Fogger

Do other bugs irritate you along with roaches? If you are going through this kind of problem, then Spectracide fogger can be a great solution. According to the Customer studies, Spectracide bug stop indoor fogger is quite popular among customers. It is manufactured by United Industries Corporation, a reliable name in the pesticide market. Spectracide fogger is one of the most used foggers for controlling heavy roach infestations. Basically, its double-action i.e., executing insects and leaving a fresh perfume to the air, helped it to rank among the top roach bombs. This odor proof fogger comes ready to use. No need to add or mix anything else.

Spectracide fogger spreads a fine mist that can penetrate deep holes or cracks where roaches like to hide. And no pests can cope up with the potent insect killing ingredients that are used in it. Moreover, it is a water-based, non-staining fogger that leaves no mark on your floor, carpet, or fabrics. Along with roaches, Spectracide foggers can kill crawling, flying and biting insects too. That means you can control heavy bug infestations very easily. Besides, its odor-free feature and other chemical properties ensure that you can use it inside your home, without any worries. So, to address the roach infestation problem, you can buy this product without any doubt.

Key Features

  1. Odor-free
  2. Rapid effect
  3. Deep penetration ability
  4. Indoor usable


  • Proportions: L= 9 inches, W= 6 inches, H= 4 inches
  • Weight: 1.06 pounds
  • Coverage: Up to 2000 cft
  • Killing ingredient: Cypermethrin and Tetramethrin


  • Kills roaches and all kind of flying, crawling and biting insects
  • Leaves no odor
  • Works in 2 hours


  • Carries petroleum distillate
  • Sometimes it may cause eye irritation problem

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HARRIS 12 Week Indoor Insect Fogger

Harris, America’s one of the oldest EPA-registered pesticide manufacturers. They are also a trustworthy name in the pesticide market. Harris provides solutions to a variety of pest infestations, including bed bugs, stink bugs, roaches, and many more. One unique characteristic of Harris Company is, they provide valuable information on killing bugs inside their user manual. Also provide online resources and a dedicated support line to assure you with all the benefits. Their product Harris indoor insect fogger is also a good one for killing roaches. Its long-lasting effect and ability to kill hidden bugs, dragged our attention towards it. For any kind of residence or any kind of bugs, Harris insect fogger can be a great choice.

If German cockroaches, mosquitos, spiders, and other bugs are irritating you so much then, Harris indoor fogger is definitely for you. This fogger comes with a vicious killing formula that can kill any bugs so easily. Its fine mist can penetrate holes and cracks to kill bugs that you don’t see. Additionally, it has a long-lasting effect that keeps your house free from bugs for up to 12 weeks. Because of its unique chemical formula, it is totally residence friendly. Just three packs of Harris indoor insect fogger can treat a large area to fight a large infestation. So as you can see, Harris insect fogger is a total combination of some potent pest killing ingredients; you can buy it without any hesitation.

Key features

  1. Kills almost all type of bugs
  2. Kills on contact
  3. Penetrates into cracks and holes
  4. Long residual


  • Proportions: L= 1 inches, W= 1 inches, H= 1 inches
  • Weight: 0.8 pounds
  • Covering area: Up to 2000 cft


  • This product comes with a very beneficial user guide to control bugs
  • Kill roaches for up to 12 weeks
  • Kills hidden bugs also
  • Effective for heavy infestations


  • Contain petroleum distillate
  • Can be hazardous for humans and pets.

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Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

If you are searching for the best roach fogger, then you should not skip Raid concentrated deep roach fogger. It is not at all surprising that, Raid concentrated deep roach fogger made it to our best roach bombs list. Because this is what you would expect from a Raid product. There is no such crack or deep holes where it can not reach, which ensures the powerful effect of the product. Besides, its long-lasting effect makes sure there are no bugs left to irritate you. Its effectiveness lasts up to 2 months. Also, it is a non-staining fogger that does not harm your floor, carpet, fabrics, or other belongings.

Additionally, this Raid concentrated fogger has the ability to kill other bugs like ants, spiders, bed bugs, flying, and biting insects. That means you can solve all pest related problems with just one Raid product. Again, it can be an excellent choice for use in cars or other vehicles. Because bugs can live inside the tiny holes of your vehicle’s seat and can irritate you anytime. Just remember to wash the treated area carefully afterward. Keep in mind that this product comes with three cans in it, which is quite enough for a medium-sized property. But if you have a bigger property, then it’s better to buy an extra pack.

Key Features

  1. Non-staining formula
  2. Deep penetration ability
  3. Long time effect
  4. High killing rate


  • Proportions: L= 6.77 inches, W= 6.69 inches, H=4.49 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Total cans in a pack: 3 cans


  • Can be used inside the house and other residential areas
  • Leaves no wet residue behind.
  • Attacks into every crack and crevice where insects like to hide
  • Easy and harmless to clean after use


  • A little bit pricey
  • Can’t kill a wide variety of pests

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Black Flag Outdoor Fogging Insecticide

Do German cockroaches bother you, along with other roaches? If they do, then this product is definitely for you. Black flag outdoor fogging insecticide is another unique creation of the American company, United industries Corporation. This six-pack roach killing bomb can wipe out almost all types of household insects including spiders, German cockroaches, flying and biting insects. Also, it has a long-lasting effect and odor-free formula that will convince you to buy this product. Its effect lasts up to 12 weeks. Because of its odor-free formula, It always leaves a fresh scent afterward. Black flag fogger comes totally ready. No mixing or no stirring is required for use. You can easily control heavy roach infestation with this product.

Cypermethrin is used as the primary killing ingredient in this fogger. And it is indeed a vicious weapon for killing bugs. There are hardly any bugs that can withstand Cypermethrin. Another advantage of Black flag fogger is, it can be used with Burgess, Cutter, and Repel brand’s thermal foggers. This is a very superior feature to fight against the heavy infestation of bugs. It has the same effective system used by professionals to kill insects, which means you can totally rely on this product. It is so powerful that it starts working in just 5 minutes after applying. So no more compromises with roaches, grab a Black flag outdoor fogging insecticide today. Erase them all.

Key Features

  1. Kills bugs on contact
  2. Odor-free
  3. Leaves no residue
  4. No mixing required


  • Proportions: L= 9.9 inches, W= 6 inches, H= 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 11.48 pounds
  • Coverage: up to 2000 cft
  • Number of bottles in a pack: 3 bottles.


  • It can kill various types of household pests
  • Keep insects away for up to 12 weeks
  • Kills insects effectively and leaves a fresh scent in the air
  • Can be used inside residence


  • Not easy to set up
  • Not user friendly because it has a tricky trigger mechanism
  • Can be harmful to humans and pets

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are a variety of insect killing foggers available in the market. Different foggers have different qualities. Their mechanism of action is also different. It is none but you who have to choose the best roach fogger for your home. So to guide you in choosing the best fogger, we have enlisted here some essential key points. They are given below,

  • Find Which Type of Bug Is Actually Your Problem

It is a vital thing to consider. Because the main bug killing ingredient of most foggers is Pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is less effective before insects like German cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, and flying insects. In that case, you have to buy any non-pyrethrin pesticide. So before buying, find out which type of bug you want to fight against.

  • Manufacturer

Like all other products out there, the brand is an important fact here too. Because some brands are ill-famed for their by-products, some best brands are Raid, Black Flag, Hot shot, Spectracide and Harris.

  • Proportions of The Target Area

Inappropriate use of fogger can decrease effectiveness. It also creates problems like illness, injuries, etc. So read the label. And buy foggers in a proper quantity.

  • Price

Price is an important matter when you are going to buy a fogger. There are both types of foggers that are pricey and that are a little bit cheap. You can also buy some good quality foggers at a low price. But you might have to compromise a little on quality then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do roach foggers actually work?

Answer: Yes, roach foggers actually work. Because these foggers contain ingredients like Cypermethrin, Tetramethrin, Pyrethrin, which are profoundly effective in killing bugs. Just buy any good quality fogger and apply it according to the manufacturer’s guide.

Do foggers affect fruits and vegetables?

Answer: No, foggers do not affect fruits and vegetables. The ingredients that are used in foggers do not penetrate into fruits or vegetables. So it does not affect fruits or vegetables. Just wash those before eating.

Are these products harmful to humans or pets?


The answer is, yes. Because, almost all foggers contain harmful chemical substances. These chemical elements can collapse our body system by entering through inhalation or by skin contact. It can cause allergic reactions also. That’s why precautions should be taken before using foggers.

Should I clean my residence after using insect foggers?

Answer: Actually it is not much necessary. Because most of the foggers lose their power once they become dry, but you can clean a little bit for your own safety.

How much fogger is necessary?

Answer: It actually depends on the proportions of your property. If you have a medium-sized property, then one pack might be enough, but if you have a larger property, then you might have to buy some extra.

Can foggers kill hidden bugs too?

Answer: Obviously, it’s a unique feature that made foggers more effective. Foggers can penetrate into narrow cracks or deep holes easily and kill the hidden bugs. No other pesticides have this unique feature.

Final verdict

Heavy roach infestations is obviously an irritating issue. The Roaches and other bugs carry a lot of germs and also causes harm to our foods and fabrics. That’s why it is necessary to erase them.

Foggers can be a great solution to this kind of insect problem. Because of their rapid long-lasting effect, ability to kill hidden roaches, and non-staining formula, they are considered to be very effective in killing bugs.

Several manufacturers provide some best quality foggers. Some are a little pricey, and some costs a little less because of their unique chemical composition and working mechanism. Find the best roach fogger with the help of this guide. Follow all instructions that are provided by the manufacturers. No more compromises, wipe them all!