Best Squirrel Repellent Reviews in 2020

Yes, we know that you are quite irritated and in real need of some technique to shoo the squirrels away from your yard. Wait! You also worry that your plants are being eaten away by those squirrels and become the cause of an ugly look to your garden. 

If you are stuck in this kind of situation then this blog is for you. Here you will be knowing all the hidden facts that you wouldn’t have known before, because we will be uncovering all the secrets that advertisers have kept hidden from you until now. You just have to keep your concentration while reading and make sure you do not miss any point because every word that is written here is chosen with care and hours of research. I am pretty positive that this blog will give you all the insights and let you know squirrels from every angle.

No.Product namePriceType of Repellent Key Features Our thoughtsView Product
1.Diaotec Ultrasonic Electronic Mouse Mice Rat Squirrel Rodent Pest Repellerapprox. $29.27Ultrasonic DeviceSafest as as it does not require killing.*****View Product
2. CleanRTH PCS-101 Three-Stage Combo Sonic Squirrel Repellerapprox. $59.99Indoor electronic deviceWorks in three different techniques : sonic, ultrasonic and combo sonic.*****View Product
3.Loraffe Under Hood Animal Repeller Rodentapprox. $22.98Device to use in vehiclesExcellent for vehicles*****View Product
4.Neogen 116352 Home Pest Controlapprox. $33.02Killing nutsEffective in killing the ground squirrels****View Product
5.KAPUT ground Squirrel Poison Baitapprox. $70.94Poison BaitPretty handy at repelling the squirrels****View Product
6.Wildlife Control Supplies WCS NB Squirrel and Rodent Pest Baitapprox. $14.95Traping BaitThe effects remain for a long time***View Product
7.Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense Vehicle Protectionapprox. $22.45Spray to use in vehiclesExcellent for vehicles*****View Product
8.I Must Garden Squirrel Repellentapprox. $26.99Natural sprayHandy and doesn’t hold any side effects to human****View Product
9.Exterminators Choice Small Animal Rodent Protectionapprox. $19.99SprayMade of all-natural extracts and can be used indoors and outdoors****View Product

Squirrel Damage and How to get rid of Squirrels

Though squirrels are pretty small in size the amount of damage they can cause you is sometimes unbearable.

Squirrel Damage and How to get rid of Squirrels

They can chew away the wiring of your electronic appliances, or cause the electricity supply to hinder especially when they find the slight switch opening in your home. Remember squirrels are very shy creatures, they run away the moment they see anyone approaching them. They do so because maybe their trust level on us humans are almost null. They can be quite dangerous as they will continue to irritate you daily and are capable of causing you major damage. There are many kinds of squirrels and we will discuss them one by one:

1. Attic Squirrels

You must be wondering why squirrels are attracted to attics so easily. The answer is very simple because attics are warm and hidden places and an ideal point for their hideouts, where they can easily nest and maybe bring up their families.

They are indeed pretty quick and silent by nature and they can work stealthily without letting you know at all until you see the damage from your own eyes. Squirrels are too intelligent for their size and look so don’t get confused as they can also outplay you. You should be battling them smartly because given their size it is very easy for them to turn you crazy.

2. Ground squirrels

Ground squirrels are the most dangerous of all and they become quite troublesome because of their speed and it is almost impossible to catch them. So, what you will do here is use the most effective of the methods if you don’t want to see them around. And for this, you have to do good research on it. But here all the research that you need to do has been carefully combined so you can keep reading it one by one.

Use of Poisons

We know it sounds way too scary but when things get uncontrollable then you have to choose for the last option and that is the use of poison seeds. Yes, because in the time that is between summer and autumn, squirrels mostly feed on the plant seeds and it is rather easy to trap them this way.


A good way of getting rid of squirrels but this method is applicable during the spring season only when there is moisture in the air, and damp soil helps keeps the gas in the ground. Therefore, resulting in killing the squirrels straight away and hindering their new breeding.


If you are not that violent type then you can simply try the trapping method so that you can transport the squirrels away from your place later on.

This way you wouldn’t feel bad that you have not taken the life of an innocent animal. There are many other less violent methods as well, but we thought to highlight this one for you.

Other squirrels that are of less popularity but this article mainly focuses in general on all types of squirrels that the readers may encounter, so this is subject to target almost all of them in one go. For example

They are area-specific, especially found in the place that has a large population of trees because that is where they live and it is their natural abode.

Flying doesn’t mean they can stay in the air for a longer time like birds can do, just that their ability to jump on long distances is incredible, and they can do so on longer distances that might amaze you if you see them.

Though they look dangerous they cannot cause you any harm. But yes, they become dangerous to your house because you never know when they just enter your house and start disrupting everything. Like chewing away from the wires and biting off the pipes.  Also scratching the paint of your walls. Believe us they are a total mess. So, getting rid of them will be amongst your top priority even if it costs you your day’s rest.

3. Tree Squirrels

They become active during the springtime because just short of fall you will start witnessing most of the squirrels circling your house more often, because just when fall is about to arrive their activities of storing the food for the use in winters increases.

And they start working more actively than ever. They are master at stealthy escape like they just make you feel like you never saw anything go past you.

But once the winter arrives, their activity slows down close to null and therefore it will be really easy for you to keep an eye out for one because you wouldn’t be seeing them around often.

And if by chance any arrives then you can easily detect it and attempt to shoo it away because winters like their activities also slow down their motion and running speed.

4. Basement Squirrels

They are no different than attic squirrels. Just that those ground squirrels who do not prefer staying outdoors or in nature, prefer to stay in the warmth of the basement because maybe they are too weak to climb till the attic or maybe they just like to stay low.

If you keep any electronics or the system of your house’s electricity is installed down there then you must constantly keep that area within your watch as it could get worse if they ever happen to chew down the wires and result in the power failure of your whole house. This loss will be too unbearable for you. It is recommended that you adopt an effective strategy that could both keep you safe and drive the squirrels away from your basement.

Types of Squirrel Repellents

If you are fed up with squirrels and you think that you can’t take this anymore. Then you must be feeling like you find an easy way straight away so you can clear all of them from your path and help yourself in making your life a lot easy. Here are some kinds that we will tell you about.

1. Sprays

The methods are too many that you can use it for your benefit. A better type of all repellent is no doubt the spray, as it gives you the convenience of spraying into the sensitive areas which you think could be the inviting grounds of squirrels. Because they contain the natural ingredients which are disturbing for squirrels when they breathe, as a result, they try to run away from there.

2. Ultrasonic device

If you are allergic to sprays then you have this option of taking advantage of electronics. Causing no side effects as the frequency it emits is always beyond the human hearing power.

Also, very safe for your pets because most of your pets do not come in the category of listening to those frequencies above 20 kHz. 

3. Repelling seeds

We have this third method in store for you if those two above wouldn’t work for you, or if you are too lazy to carry out those things.

By just spreading the seeds around, either the squirrels will be attracted and eat the seeds, or they will be compelled to stay away because of its strong pungent smell.

If they try to eat, the chances are they would be diseased and eventually be killed or simply just run away and never coming back until they lose their effectiveness.

Any method you choose to try, always remember to do it with all your efforts and give it some time until you achieve your target. If you remain in haste then it is very likely that you lose your chances of success and you didn’t try this hard to fail right? But we are here to help you win the battle and suggest you with all the possible weaponry that you can have in your arsenal.

Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller

Ultrasonic pest control devices claim that their high frequency is extremely effective in driving all the pests and squirrels away. But most of the times all this is confined to a house or a single room only because they are programmed to work indoors only.

They can help prevent the entrance of the squirrels to enter your house but will have zero effect on the ones wandering outside your house. So, you are required to do a good amount of research before buying one. And find out they work like as they claim.

Research is what that takes most of your time, as it is easy for you to be deluded because of the similarities between the products. At the same time, it is also not like that they are entirely not reliable, they will only help you to a certain extent. So be smart!

Electronic Squirrel Repellent

There is absolutely no difference between ultrasonic repellents and electronic repellents as basically both come under the category of electronics. One such electronic device is Guardian which works on thermal sensors by recognizing changes in heat.

It is perfectly programmed to pick up the heat of animals and humans so in case if it detects an animal then it emits pretty high frequencies which leaves the squirrels stunned and not letting them rest until they run out of the reach of this ugly deafening noise.

Moreover, The Guardian comes with a feature of selecting a pest, and there are many options to that. It is up to you which pest you want to repel the most. But here we talk about specifically squirrels only.  We are sure your investment in this product is going to pay you more than you spent on this.

Squirrel Repellent Spray

The smell of the sprays that contain capsaicin is the most unwelcoming for the squirrels. As their respiratory system is designed to not tolerate the toxic smell of this chemical.

You can also make these kinds of sprays at home which resists the squirrel population from attracting towards your house.

Hot Pepper Spray is the best all sprays that you can find in the spray stockings. 1 gallon of pepper sauce is mixed with water, and an egg is added to make it a strong mixture. A compound that is deadly to most squirrels. There are other mild sprays available too, but there is one drawback as you obviously cannot use the sprays outdoors as the strong air outside can take all the effectiveness away from the mixture, and as a result, all of the smell is lost. Hence, allowing the squirrels to wander freely.

Best Squirrel Bait

Laying bait traps is a fun thing, but it should be done smartly as it requires your skills and maybe test your intelligence level. One of the cheapest baits is the peanuts as you already know squirrels love to feed on seeds.

You can also use a peanut butter spread, so once the squirrels are stuck in your trap, you have a total charge of the situation. We will discuss other bait techniques too.

You should avoid using poison as squirrels do have some instincts that warn them of the danger, they might just spill the poison in trying to find the danger thing. And if you got pets at home then the chances are, they can find the poison and can eat it, thus resulting in instant death or a very bad disease. And you will never want this to happen to your dear pets.

How Squirrel Repellent Works

Different repellents work in different ways, like if the repellent type is spray then it has a limited range and does not prove to be that much use if compared to the efforts you invested both in buying and spraying it around.

But they do have a strong smell that is effective in driving the squirrels away. Just that you need to buy the spray that is from a good company or whose name you have already heard. There are a lot of trust issues in the market these days.

If we talk about Ultrasonic devices then there are many versions of them, each coming with the difference of only the frequencies that they emit. Squirrels are also mammals just the way we are, so we cannot say for sure whether they are affected by those high-pitched sound waves.

But as the manufacturers claim that it is quite sharp in keeping the squirrels at bay, we have heard a mixture of reviews from the people who have used these devices so far.

We have discussed poisonous seeds at length, we will talk about it more. Squirrels are not your friends, even if you try to feed them, they will always run from you.

So, what you can do is lure them by seeds that are rich in poison, and harmful for the squirrels who eat them, and as a result, it can surely cost them their life. 

Top 9 Best Squirrel Repellent Reviews


Diatec Ultrasonic Electronic Squirrel Rodent Pest Repeller

It is the most suitable device to use in houses, apartments, schools, hotels and other places that have chances of being under attack by the squirrels.

It has dual speakers and emits an extremely high impact wave of about 25KHZ-60KHZ, enough for stunning all the pests including squirrels. Because they disturb their ears which hit badly on their mind. They are left with no choice but to run away immediately.

These are very safe and easy to use electronic devices which you can set in your houses or your place of residence. And forget about it because the rest of the work will be done by the device alone.

So here you have the advantage of being in your comfort zone and relax a bit, and let the device does its work. Since you cannot hear the sound so there is this green LED light which ensures that the device is up and running.   

Diatec Ultrasonic Electronic Squirrel Rodent Pest Repeller


  • The safest method as it does not require killing the things around, and of course you can’t kill the squirrels. They are just too lovely to be killed. 


  • You need to have an uninterrupted supply of electricity in your house, if the connection is somehow disturbed then you need to keep a constant watch that is hectic for your busy schedule.


CleanRTH PCS-101 Three-Stage Combo Sonic Squirrel Repeller

It is an indoor electronic device and its sound is audible if you happen to be in the same room where the device is plugged in, however, if you are in another room then you might not hear the sound because it is specifically made to repel the squirrels.

The device is made based on careful research that what exact loudness of sound helps make the squirrels run away. And this device works on the same scientifically-proven principles.

There is one vertical speaker attached at the stop and two dual speakers at the front of the device to keep the waves constant and shoo all kinds of pests and squirrels instantly.     

CleanRTH PCS-101 Three-Stage Combo Sonic Squirrel Repeller


  • You can combat squirrels by using three different techniques namely sonic, ultrasonic and combo sonic. Allowing you to target squirrels easily If one of your plans don’t work.


  • Constant audible sound becomes a nuisance and will often irritate you and not let you sleep, thus making you go to another room for a sound sleep or to relax after a busy day.


Loraffe Under Hood Animal Repeller Rodent

An excellent device to use in your vehicles or cars to keep all the pests and especially squirrels away from getting into the core system and harming the wiring which you will never come to know about what caused your car to break down.  

By the time you will find out it will be too late and you will have to pay the double, first in getting your car repaired and spending a dime in buying this device. So why not just spend once and keep protection around your vehicles at all times.

Moreover, the installation of this device is pretty easy with connecting only two wires under the hood where the battery is. And it is ideal for working at low voltages for saying about 10.5 V. 

Loraffe Under Hood Animal Repeller Rodent


  • Though designed for vehicles only, it can be used inside your house, attics, and storerooms where you can provide a simple two-wire connection to it. 


  • The slightly new product will take some time until all the benefits are known.
  • Only an indoor thing.


Neogen 116352 Home Pest Control

Very effective in killing the ground squirrels, these are the nuts that look like food for the squirrels so when they try to consume it, it results in their death. The method is pretty simple, you just spread the nuts in your yard or around the plants, in the area which you feel needs more protection.

Then you just have to wait until the squirrels are invited to the party and you see the surprising results in the end. Seeing all of them vanish right before your eyes. So, these nuts are magical. They do the job for you in minutes. Even the price is not that high. 

Neogen 116352 Home Pest Control


  • Solving all the problems in just one go.
  • Easy to afford and not heavy on your household.


  • Chances are for the nuts being blown away by the wind.
  • If it rains then seeds will lose their effectiveness almost immediately.


KAPUT ground Squirrel Poison Bait

An impressive way of doing so, bringing all the squirrels in one place by alluring them in such a smart way, once all of them are gathered in once place then you can easily trap them in a net, or the bait they eat is poisonous enough to take their senses away or maybe kill them if they eat just too much of it.

All you have to do is spread around the bait for like ½ cup of tea in the circle or any way that may please you. Then you just have to wait and see the exciting results, that how squirrels are attracted to it like it is some kind of a magnet.

KAPUT ground Squirrel Poison Bait


  • Pretty handy at repelling the squirrels or just say they do their job just once. Allowing you to relax a bit


  • Sometimes it can take as long as 15 days for the bait to fully lay the trap, and during this time strong winds may take the bait away with it.


Wildlife Control Supplies WCS NB Squirrel and Rodent Pest Bait

This is the safest method that is used for trapping the squirrels as there is no killing involved in it. This is equally effective for mice, rats, flying squirrels and many other pests that have made your life problematic.

We have brought the description of this product for you so you can read and decide whether you should be buying it or not.

If you are not a fan of killing around then this weapon should be an ideal one for you. Because combating squirrels is never an easy thing to do. But with the help of this product, you are both non-violent and yet victorious.

Wildlife Control Supplies WCS NB Squirrel and Rodent Pest Bait


  • The effects remain for a long time, and it is very easy to handle.
  • You can transport squirrels to another place after trapping them.


  • Possibility of the air blowing the granules away. You just need to make sure you put it in the direction where the chances of the wind are least to blow.


Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense Vehicle Protection

If you do not have any specific place where you can park your vehicle or you live in an area where you are exposed to pests and squirrels from whom it is difficult to keep your vehicle safe then this spray is surely for you. Because first of all, it won’t hurt squirrel as it is made from the natural extracts.

It is in the squirrel’s nature to keep chewing on soft stuff such as wires found in your car. They do so because their teeth keep growing constantly. And they are just ideal stuff for them to practice on.

The methodology of spraying is rather simple, all you have to do is spray in circles around the area of your car or any kind of vehicle is parked in. But make sure that you keep it away from the reach of your eyes as it contains white pepper oil and garlic oil. 

Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense Vehicle Protection


  • Very popular among the vehicle owners and can be trusted easily.


  • A little high in price.


I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent

Is an effective spray to use in your garden in driving all the squirrels and pests away, and not letting them damage your flowers and plants? All you need to do is spray around on leaves or grass and cover every sensitive area making thick layers of this natural spray. 

This doesn’t hold any side effects to humans but yes, they smell unpleasant to the squirrels that is why it causes them to get to another direction every time they try to come near your garden and try to harm you in any way. 

Because you have to take care of your garden items and certainly the amount of hard work that you invested in trimming the plants.

I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent


  • Always handy with small animals.
  • Very effective with the squirrels.


  • The bottle in which this product comes in is not suitable when you have to spray in a large quantity.


Exterminators Choice Small Animal Rodent Protection

This spray is very safe to use around children and pets. It does not have any smell that is not good for breathing around. Made of all-natural extracts. Also, can be used indoors and outdoors alike, wherever you want to use it.

Exterminators Choice Small Animal Rodent Protection


  • It has a long-lasting smell.
  • Very effective in killing small animals and rodents.


  • You always have to use the spray in large quantities and make several coatings.


We know your mind is all puzzled up right now, as you have read till here and are in a state of confusion whether to go buy one of the products or not. As by now, it is clear to you that there is a lot of uncertainty in the usability and effectiveness of every single product named here.

To make it easy for you, we must tell you that you do a complete market research of all the products mentioned here and satisfy yourself completely, before you make the purchase.

We don’t want you to feel like you have wasted your weekly savings without any promising results.

Apart from chewing up your household wiring and becoming the cause of major fires, squirrels are innocent animals and they should be just trapped and be transported to a far-away land, say in their natural habitat. So, you don’t feel bad about killing the poor squirrel whose only fault was it was innocent.