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Best roach killer spray

Roach Killer Spray

When living in a roach infested house, you must be tired of seeing them scurrying around all the time. Your next instinct is to start killing them on sight. Out of all the methods, you can use to achieve this, only sprays can come in handy for this. In today’s article, we will discuss the best roach killer sprays in the market and why you might need to purchase one. An example of a good spray with good user reviews is the Raid Roach killer.

We recommend going for roach killers sprays if you do not have such a high infestation in your house. If this is not the case, you should consider looking at other alternative methods such as gel baits.

Unlike other methods, the chain reaction, where killing one roach leads to the death of tens others does not work with sprays. You target one roach, you will have eliminated just one, and it will not have the chance to go back to its nest and contaminate the rest. This is precisely why you should try your best to spray directly at the roach to avoid wasting the product.

Roach killer sprays come in different varieties, with different chemical combinations; cypermethrin, imiprothrin, and permethrin. They come either in liquid form or in powder form, and some will even act as a repellent. Most roach sprays are able to kill almost all roach species, which is a plus.

Only keep in mind that if you have kids and pets in your home, you might want to stay away from the powders given as they have higher toxicity levels. Moreover, when applied on a surface with air currents, chances are that the powder will be blown away and end up contaminating other areas in your home. The only advantage is that they can cover a larger area than the liquid sprays.

Another factor you need to consider when purchasing sprays is the odor; is it one to leave an odor lingering in the house long after you have used it? Go for the products that are either odorless or have an aroma. Additionally, getting a spray that will give you a hard time when using is a waste of money. Ensure the product you get has an easy applicator.

If you are inclined to use killer sprays alongside other roach killers such as gel baits, you should not as the sprays reduce their effectiveness.

Sometimes, you don’t have the patience to wait and spot a cockroach. In this case, you can apply the spray in areas you think that they may be hiding, which include in vents and cracks and along walls. Always ensure that during application, your pets and children are not close in sight. Additionally, read and follow all the instructions issued on the packaging before use.

One major flaw with this technique is that you end up driving the roaches far back into your walls. Ultimately, you will have created a much bigger problem for yourself and you will need more effective roach killers to deal with the infestation.

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