When you have roaches in your home, car or apartment, you will strive to do everything possible to get rid of them. Roaches can be quite frustrating to kill and th" />

Roach killer that is pet safe

pet safe

When you have roaches in your home, car or apartment, you will strive to do everything possible to get rid of them. Roaches can be quite frustrating to kill and there is just nothing you won’t do to make sure they are completely gone. But it’s different when you have pets too in the house. The dynamic changes because now you have to consider their safety when choosing a roach killer.

So what is the best pet safe roach killer? To begin with, you have to know that the ones you buy at stores all have chemicals that could easily harm your pets when ingested.  If you really have to buy these products, we recommend purchasing the ones with very low toxicity levels.

For instance, gel baits have low toxic levels of Indoxicarb, an active ingredient that kills roaches. This doesn’t mean that when pets come in contact with the bait they are safe. Far from it. They will have a reaction after ingesting, but it’s not as severe as the reaction they would get after ingesting other chemicals found in the rest of the roach killers.

We all love our pets deeply and you don’t want to subject them to any kind of pain, especially if you can avoid it. And this is the reason why we will go for natural techniques to kill roaches and leave the chemical killers alone

Organic roach killer sprays

You will get these sprays at your local stores and will love the fact that they do not contain any harmful chemicals that could harm your pets. They are effective roach killers and a better alternative to regular roach sprays in the market.

They do not produce any fumes, neither do they leave any residue after use which makes them safe for the environment as well. The best part? They kill roaches by contact and despite this not being a very effective method, you can rest assured that all the roaches you target will die.

Alternatively, you can also look out for natural killer sprays since they are composed of natural ingredients which are non-toxic and quite safe for your pets.

Natural treatments

Sometimes we want to stay away from store products and use what we have in our homes. It’s cheaper, faster and not toxic at all.

Baking soda and sugar

This is one of those extremely simple but effective roach killer treatments. You use the sugar to attract the roaches to the bait and once they ingest the solution, the baking soda will disrupt their digestive system which leads to automatic death.

Other sugar solutions you could use include mixing with borax or baking powder.

Petroleum jelly

Did you know that you can use this to kill roaches? You will only need to fill up a jar with fruit juices, coffee or tea and smear some jelly on the container. Roaches will definitely be attracted by the food and once they climb into the jar, they are trapped by the jelly and can’t come out.

You can only use this method when you don’t have a high traffic of roaches because it gets very hectic emptying the jar every day.

These are just but a few methods you can use in your home that will not harm your pets. There are tons of other natural methods out there ranging from diatomaceous earth(food grade) to fabric softeners.

As long as it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, it’s safe for your pets.