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Tips and tricks to guide you killing roach and get rid of bug

Stop them from hatching: How to kill cockroach eggs

Whenever you encounter some roach eggs in your home, this is a clear indication of a roach infestation. Keep in mind that these eggs present a bad situation, just as finding actual roaches crawling around. Roach eggs don’t need the adult roaches to hatch. Quite on the contrary; any moist and dark place can give […]

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How you could be inviting roaches to your house

So much is said about how to eliminate roaches from your home. What you don’t often see, is things that you could be doing to attract roaches right into your home, and how to keep this from happening. The worst part is that you might be struggling with a roach infestation problem and have no […]

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Types of cockroach baits

Roach baits are among the most popularly used roach killers today. Why? They have low toxic levels, can manage to get rid of entire colonies and most of all, they have no volatility or odor, which makes them essentially one of the safest roach remedies we have out there. There are different types of roach […]

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Common mistakes people make when using roach baits

Roach baits are one of the most successful and effective roach killer remedies we have out there in the market. And with good reason. Baits have a lower toxic level as compared to other roach killers and are so effective because of their domino effect; once ingested, they turn the roaches into a bait. If […]

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10 Little known roach facts – Roach Knowledge

Roaches are probably the most annoying and disgusting creatures alive.Not only because they cause diseases and allergic reactions, but also due to the fact that just seeing them around can leave you with sleepless nights. Despite being around us for ages, there is so much we do not know about these insects. Today, we will […]

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