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Best Roach killer powder


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There are different techniques you can result in when dealing with a roach infestation in your home, apartment or car. You can either purchase commercial roach killers or make your own home remedies, which work just as well with proper application. Using a roach killer powder is one of the ways you can get rid of roaches, and in today’s article, we will take you through a few basics that you need to know.

However, we start by advising that you practice safety measures before and after application. If you have pets and young kids, it’s best to apply the powder in areas where they won’t come in contact.

Additionally, ensure that there are no air currents around your surfaces of application that can blow up the powder and contaminate other surfaces. This also means that you have to store all your foods in sealable plastic bags and always rinse your utensils before use to avoid the risk of contamination.


The best user reviews on the best roach killer powder always point out at Boric acid powder. You will love the fact that it’s a very affordable roach killer as compared to other products in the market. Additionally, though it’s a chemical and therefore deemed toxic, its toxicity levels are very low and hence it’s safe to use around kids and children. Still, precautions must be taken while using it and it should be sprinkled on cabinets and counters but never inside the cabinets or close to food items.

Moreover, this powder has a very high success rate when used properly and in the right amounts. You will start seeing results as soon as two days after application.

When purchasing a killer powder, we recommend buying the one that is not highly diluted with filler ingredients because then the powder becomes less effective.

A trick you can use with the application is mixing your powder with some condensed milk to form a thick sweet paste that roaches cannot resist. This is because some roaches have high tolerance levels against some killers and others can recognize some baits and avoid them. Mixing the powder to form a solution, therefore, leaves no room for such occurrences.


Diatomaceous Earth is also known as diatomite or kieselgur. This is a soft, siliceous rock that is naturally present. This is yet another killer powder with very good user reviews, not forgetting a high success rate when it comes to killing roaches. We recommend the food-grade option since it’s not toxic and won’t harm your kids and pets, but will definitely eliminate all roaches.

You might consider using DE because it’s a natural alternative as compared to boric acid. The application is easy since you just need to place the powder in high-risk areas. Spread a thin layer of it in these areas so that when the roaches walk on it, the powder can stick to their legs and do its magic. The only flaw is that this powder only works when dry, hence you have to ensure you do not apply on wet areas, or outdoors where it’s easily exposed to humidity.


If you can get your hands on this powder, then you can rest assured that your roach infestation woes are about to come to an end. It’s a combination of both commercial and natural remedies because it’s not altered in any way. Pyrethrin is lethal for the roaches in a way that it can kill them just by coming in contact with them.

The mode of application is the same for all these powders, and all you have to do is wait for the results. If one powder does not work for you, you can always make a transition to the next alternative until you finally get what works best.


Fipronil is also one of the best roach killers out there. It is a newly discovered one and is mainly used for getting rid of roaches, but is also used to get rid of other insects. It works by disrupting the central nervous system of the insect which causes the death of that insect in 6 to 24 hours. The roach may ingest it or may come in contact with it, both ways this poison does its work. An amazing and mind-blowing fact about fipronil is that one roach can transfer it to another by touch, this fact amplifies the killing effect of this agent. Fipronil is sparingly soluble in water and is an extremely active molecule.

One disadvantage of this agent is that it can be harmful to humans as well. So it should be kept away and direct contact should be avoided. Precautions are taken for all poisons, so the same precautions should be taken for this as well.


Yes! Baking powder is also a potent roach killer. You can mix it with sugar so that the sugar acts as bait, or you can use it on its own. The way that this works is that the powder gets stuck to the roach’s legs, and it ingests it while cleaning itself, or it simply eats the powder form where you’ve spread it. Either way, the baking powder reaches the roach’s gut. This is where the actual event takes place. The baking powder mixes with the acids present inside its body and do what it does best; bubble and expand. This effectively kills the roach.

The biggest advantage of using this roach killer powder is that it is absolutely safe and is easily available in every household as well. Being safe can be used in places where other poisonous powders cannot be used. Like, inside kitchen cabinets, in the pantry, any other area where food is stored, etc.


Cypermethrin is a synthetic poison to kill roaches and other insects. Interestingly, it mimics the naturally occurring pyrethrin. It kills the roaches by disturbing their central nervous systems. It is lethal when ingested or when it comes in contact with them so that it gets stuck to their legs and is eventually ingested when they clean themselves.

It is mixed with water and then sprayed in high roach population areas, or areas where roaches come more often. This synthetic mimicker of pyrethroid is longer lasting than its natural version and so is a better roach killer as well. Another thing about this compound is that it is moderately toxic to humans as well. Direct contact should be avoided as it can cause allergic skin conditions, excessive exposure can cause nausea, headache, shortness of breath, etc.


Cayenne pepper is something that is usually present in the house. So the pepper powder is another household product that is useful in killing roaches. The only special thing about this approach is that you don’t have to sprinkle the pepper on surfaces, but instead you use this powder to make a spray.

In order to make this spraying solution, put Cayenne pepper powder, garlic and some onion in a pot filled with water and bring this to a boil. Cook it for ten minutes, remove from heat to let it cool down and put it in a spray bottle. You can use this solution by spraying it on areas that are frequently visited by roaches.


This is another compound that is used to kill roaches. It is an active component in many roach killers available in the market. It is different than others because it does not work on the roach’s central nervous system, but instead, works on its metabolic activity. This causes decreased energy and fatigue so the roaches are killed in 24-72 hours after they’ve returned to their colonies. This means that the roaches themselves serve as poison carriers and take the poison to their colonies which are then taken up by others. This poison is effective on the topical application as well as on ingestion.

Hydramethylnon is safe to use at home insecticide. But like other compounds, care should be taken and it should not be used in areas where food is present or stored. Or in areas where children can reach and ingest it accidentally.


This chemical powder is one of the most potent roach killers out of all the others that are mentioned in this article. It is so potent that it can kill up to 3 generations of roaches by a single feeding. Its mode of action is such that it destroys the roach’s nerves so it becomes unable to feed, goes into paralysis and eventually dies. The effects of this poison start immediately but take some time to kill the roaches.

It has moderate to low toxicity and does not have long term effects on the human system, so it can be used in homes but with precaution because it is better to be safe than sorry. These products should never be used near food items or in places that are easily accessible by children.





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