Roach baits are among the most popularly used roach killers today. Why? They have low toxic levels, can manage to get rid of entire colonies and most" />

Types of cockroach baits

Cockroach Baits

Roach baits are among the most popularly used roach killers today. Why? They have low toxic levels, can manage to get rid of entire colonies and most of all, they have no volatility or odor, which makes them essentially one of the safest roach remedies we have out there.

There are different types of roach baits in the market. What you go for should be based on the types of roaches you have in your home, the specific area to be applied and ease of application. At the end of the day, you do not want to spend money on a roach bait that will give you a hard time when it comes to the application.

Bait gels

Bait gels are gaining rapid popularity because they are more affordable, and you can use them on more areas in your home, as opposed to bait stations. These gels are also manufactured for long term use, with one pack of around 3 tubes lasting for a whole year.

The best part is that they also eliminate young roaches which cannot feed on solid baits such as the bait stations. They are also economical to use because one syringe is adequate to use in high traffic areas of your home if you have a low infestation. In case of a high roach infestation, we recommend using about 3 gel tubes or syringes.

We recommend using the syringe to apply the gel in a polka dot technique, about 3 dots per area for low infestation and 7 dots in areas with a higher traffic of roaches. Using large amounts of the product only leads to wastage.

Gel baits are also moist, which increases their effectiveness because most roaches, especially the German cockroach, are attracted to moisture.  Out of the three types of baits, gels pose the lowest risk to your pets and children.

Most common brands include Advion and Maxforce FC Roach bait gel.

Bait stations

Bait stations are preferred by most people because you get a trap and a bait all in one product. The station gives you three major advantages; a trap to hold the roach, an attractant to lure the roach from its nest and best of all, a killing agent, which is a chemical ingredient that once ingested, and a roach succumbs to death.

These stations are either made of plastic or cardboard. You should take caution and place the baits out of reach if you have young children and pets. Most bait stations will have the active ingredient listed on the packaging, but rarely will you see what specific attractants have been used.

The most common brand is the Maxforce FC Roach bait station.

Granular baits

We recommend purchasing granular baits to use outdoors, as well as other areas such as attics, cracks and crevices and wall voids.

These baits are more effective when you want to stop roaches that are not yet in your home from entering the house. Keep in mind that they should not come in contact with water, as it reduces their effectiveness.

The most common products in the market include Maxforce, Baygon, and Niban G granular baits.