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Roach Bait

Roaches can become a real nuisance if they infest your home and hard-to-reach spaces. They pose a health risk since they can cause and spread diseases. You, therefore, have sufficient reasons to get rid of these creatures from your home, apartment, or car.

But you might face one major problem- effectively getting rid of roaches from your residential space. That’s because they reproduce at an alarming rate, creating a challenge in terms of eliminating their offspring as well.

This begs the question: what is the perfect method to use to eradicate roaches from home or any residential space for that matter?

The solution to this problem is simple. Baits are the perfect solutions to your roach infestation problem. You can use them to trap roaches in your home, car or apartment, giving them a wider range of applications.

But roach killer baits are many on the market and finding the best one might prove to be a daunting task. You should settle for nothing less but the best bait if you want the best result.

What roach killer baits should you opt for?

You have two options as far as roach killing baits go. You can either buy a commercial roach killer bait or make one by yourself. Commercial killer baits are affordable and purchasing one will not break your wallet.

They either come in sets or pairs and can last you up to a year. Aside from their inexpensive prices, they are easily available and you could shop for them at your local retail store or online retail store.

While looking to buy one from an online retailer, be sure to first read the reviews. This will give you some insight and let you know if the product works genuinely. You should consider roach killer baits such as Advion, Maxforce, and Combat baits among others, which have numerous positive reviews. This is an indication that they work excellently and will help you eradicate all roaches invading your residential space effortlessly.

If you’re looking to eradicate roaches in your home but your budget is a bit tight, maybe you should consider making your roach bait. You might want to make a natural roach bait if you have kids and pets in your home.

And to do so, you will have to use natural ingredients in your home. Choose ingredients that will attract the roaches but are harmless to the kids and pets. Ingredients such as sugar, baking soda, baking powder solution, boric acid, Diatomaceous Earth and the food-grade option are great substances that will attract roaches for a kill.

You can as well use fabric softeners or petroleum jelly that is inside a can with fruit peels or coffee grounds. These ingredients are great if you want to lure the roaches into coming into contact with the gel-based roach killers for a perfect kill.

How do roach killer baits work?

Roach killer baits have Indoxacarb, an active ingredient that kills a whole colony of roaches all at once. When one cockroach comes across the bait, after ingesting some, they take the rest back to the other cockroaches at the colony.

Indoxacarb works by causing severe dehydration which leads to death. If the surviving roaches feed on the dead ones or even comes into contact with their fecal matter, they also succumb to death. In the long run, not one roach survives this ordeal.

The cycle goes on until your home is finally free of these creatures and you can finally restore it to its former glory.

How should you apply the roach baits?

The application technique is quite easy and will not take much of your time. For instance, if you are using a gel bait, we recommend using a polka dot technique; that is about 3-4 dots on high-risk areas. You will get a syringe to use as an applicator with your purchase.

Moreover, baits have very low toxic levels and are safe to be used around your home, though you should place them out of reach if you have kids. Additionally, you should ensure that all your foods are kept in sealable bags to keep any chances of contamination at bay.

Remember, as long as it can attract a cockroach, it can act as an effective killer. Only, don’t put out the baits until you are sure that you have a roach infestation. When done right, the above mentioned can be the ultimate roach killer baits for your home.

Where should you apply the roach killer bait?

Roaches thrive in dark and damp places. You should search for such areas in your home, then apply the roach killer baits in those areas if you want to maximize the killing efficiency. You should be sure to check under your kitchen sink and refrigerator because such places are usually damp and dark at night, offering potential breeding ground to roaches.

They are the places you want to apply the gel-based roach bait on. Also, you can apply the bait in the following areas:

  • Underneath kitchen appliances such as dishwasher, oven or toaster.
  • Also, apply the bait behind all the appliances in your kitchen. Roaches like to crawl behind such gadgets. You will be increasing the chances of luring them to take the bait.
  • Be sure to apply the bait in cupboards. Roaches like to hide in such areas. You will be baiting them with ease if you apply the roach bait inside your cupboard.
  • If you’re applying the bait on your sink, also pay attention to the pipe collar where the drainage pipe enters the wall. Apply the bait alongside those areas.
  • You can also head to the bathroom and apply the bait in hidden areas or areas with crack. The bathrooms are damp and dark. They deserve special attention.

You can apply the gel in so many areas. You only need to predict the possible hiding areas for the roaches and apply baits in those areas. Roach killer baits are not only inexpensive but are also efficient roach killing machines as well. They provide yet another solution to roach infestation in your home. Eliminating all the cockroaches in your space doesn’t have to be a daunting task.



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