Baits are the perfect solutions to your roach infestation problem whether in your home, car or apartme" />

Best roach killer bait

Roach Bait

Baits are the perfect solutions to your roach infestation problem whether in your home, car or apartment.  If you have been having a roach problem, you must be wondering just which is the best killer bait in the market, to finally get rid of these disturbing creatures for good.

To begin with, commercial killer baits are affordable and purchasing some will not break your bank. They will mostly come in sets or pairs and can last you up to a year. There are several products in the market with good reviews, and they include Advion, Maxforce, Combat baits among many others.

These baits have Indoxicarb, an active ingredient that kills a whole colony of roaches all at once.  When one comes across bait, after ingesting some, they take the rest back to the other cockroaches at the colony.

Indoxicarb works by causing severe dehydration which leads to death. If the surviving roaches feed on the dead ones or even comes into contact with their faecal matter, they also succumb to death. In the long run, not one roach survives this ordeal. Your home is finally free of these creatures and you can finally breathe again.

The application technique is quite easy and will not take much of your time. For instance, if you are using a gel bait, we recommend using a polka dot technique; that is about 3-4 dots on high risk areas. You will get a syringe to use as an applicator with your purchase.

Moreover, baits have very low toxic levels and are safe to be used around your home, though you should place them out of reach if you have kids. Additionally, you should ensure that all your foods are kept in sealable bags to keep any chances of contamination at bay.

Keep in mind that there are natural baits you can make at home too. This is mostly if you have pets and young children who you can’t risk coming into contact with the chemicals present incommercial baits. These DIY baits are also very cheap because you will be using ingredients you already have in your house. So if the cost was the primary factor you have to consider when choosing a roach killer, then this is the way to go.

When choosing a bait at home, you have to consider what will attract roaches more. Most people go with a sugar and baking soda or baking powder solution. Boric acid also acts like a very powerful bait but it can be quite harmful if ingested by pets. Alternatively, you can use Diatomaceous Earth, the food grade option, which most users have sworn by, that it’s a very effective roach killer. Other solutions you can try include, fabric softeners, petroleum jelly in a can filled with fruit peels and coffee grounds.

Remember, as long as it can attract a cockroach, it has the ability to act as an effective killer. Only, don’t put out the baits until you are sure that you have a roach infestation. When done right, the above mentioned can be the ultimate roach killer baits for your home.