Best roach killer boric acid

Roach Killer Boric Acid

Best Roach Killer Boric Acid

Looking a natural roach killer that is just as effective? Boric acid is the right technique to eliminate those disgusting creatures out of your home, car or your apartment. Roaches are not only a nuisance but they are also harmful and cause diseases. It’s best that you use only the best roach killer there is to ensure they are completely gone.

Boric acid can be used entirely on its own or with a combination of other bait techniques, like gel baits. Most people have resulted to using the acid in the past to kill roaches and they have not been disappointed. Even in its effectiveness, it’s vital that you know how to use it well because there are some users who have misapplied the acid and ended up wasting a whole lot.

Here is the deal. When looking for a roach killer, you will want to get one that is not only odorless but also has low toxicity levels. With boric acid, you get these two properties alongside the fact that it has no volatile solvents. All these ultimately mean that it’s safe for application even if you have pets and small kids.

After application, the Borin in the acid will attract the roaches who will ingest it, through contact. The best part is that they keep coming back to the bait until they finally succumb to death.

Keep in mind that it works only if the roaches crawl over it, and seeps through into their bodies through their outer covering. Also, they ingest the powder when they lick their bodies to clean themselves up. Surviving roaches feast on the dead ones and end up ingesting the acid in the process, which only means that they die as well.

You should keep all your food in zip lock bags to ensure that it’s safe from contamination. Moreover, you should rinse all your utensils before use because chances are the roaches might have crawled over them after coming into contact with the acid.

The key to a successful application of boric acid lies in using very little powder to create a thin layer on a surface. Most roaches will see heavy powder accumulations and avoid that particular area. Therefore, having one that is barely visible acts as a trap and the roaches will crawl by and come into contact with the acid.

Surfaces you should target include behind the sinks and appliances, in cracks and crevices, under cabinets and along the edges. We recommend that you stick to these areas of application and never on exposed areas like kitchen counter tops where the acid is likely to come into contact with food.

Boric acid has good reviews from its users which show just how high of a success rate it has as a roach killer. This shouldn’t mean that you go in expecting miracles the very first day. You should be patient and you will start seeing results in a few days. Also, you can try using other alternative methods at the same time; gel baits give the best combination.

With the right application, boric acid is just what you need.