Despite the fact that there are about 4000 roach species in the world, and only 30 species live in our habitats, there are only about " />

Roach species – Types of roaches you should look out for

roach species

Despite the fact that there are about 4000 roach species in the world, and only 30 species live in our habitats, there are only about 5 types that are quite common and can pose a health risk to your family.

It’s no doubt that roaches are creatures no one wants to see around them; they are dirty, cause diseases and even allergic reactions. So which specific roach species should you look out for?

German cockroach

The only way you can differentiate this roach species from the rest is through its two dark lines that run all the way from its head to the base of its wings.The colors vary, between brown, black and tan and it’s about 0.5 inches in size.

You should be wary of having a German roach in your home because recent studies have established that they have the fastest reproduction rate when compared with the other 4 species. Additionally, a baby roach will grow to an adult in less than 120 days, which only means that you will have a very high infestation within no time.

American cockroach

This is considered the largest in size, of the 4 species we will list today, at about 1.5 inches long and 0.25 inches tall. You will identify the American cockroach through its reddish brown appearance, with a flat body. However, the young roaches do not have wings.

Due to its very large body size, this type of roach is not very common in households. However, these roaches have a very long lifespan, up to 2 years, which can cause you sleepless nights if you are trying to eradicate them.

Brown banded cockroach

The only way you will differentiate these roaches from the German species is from their yellowish bands that run across their bodies. True to their name, these roaches have a reddish brown to a dark brown color and measure about 0.5 inches in size.

Another factor that sets them apart is the fact that they prefer dryer and warmer areas than their counterparts.  You will mostly find them in bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Asian cockroach

The Asian roach species is also very similar in size and shape to the German cockroach. Measuring just a little over 0.59 inches in length and a brown or tan color, these are among the few roach species that can fly and are attracted to light.

This is a unique roach species due to the fact that they are also very active during the day. Keep in mind that cockroaches are nocturnal in nature and rarely will you see them crawling around in broad daylight.

Oriental cockroach

When it comes to size, the Oriental roaches come in a close second after the American species, measuring about 1 inch long, and in a dark brown to black color.

Female Oriental roaches have a wider body, with wings that are shorter than the males. Only the male ones are capable of flight, covering only short distances. You will identify this type easily because unlike the rest of the species, these are rarely found indoors unless it’sins the basement. Moreover, they will mostly infest drains and porches.

Wrapping up

We have mentioned the most popular roach species, those that you will mostly find in your home, whether inside or outside. If you identify any of them scurrying about, it’s the high time you settled on an effective eradication method.